Services Overview

As part of its bouquet of services, Edge Telecoms specialises in the provisioning of the following services:

  • E2E Commercial incubation and creation of the Business Case for Smart City deployments.
  • Full Engineering services including Design and Civil engineering as well as Way leave and Right of Way Applications.
  • Civil Construction within a well-regulated OHS environment.
  • Supply & implementation of technology platform & end-user or consumer devices required to use in these "Smart Cities".
  • The construction, operation & support of "Open-Access" networks in South Africa, supported by our strategic partners.


Edge Telecoms also assist with the following services.

  • SIOP Services
  • HFC High Value Engineering
  • Quality Management
  • Tools Management
  • Process and Automation
  • Initial footprint dataload & Normalisation
  • Engineering Rules & Specific Management
  • Surveys & Permits
  • Design
  • Inventory
  • Strategic Area Geographical Analysis
  • Low-level & High-Level Survey and Design
  • ROW submission and administration with Municipalities
  • Build to plan and Build costing
  • OHS Management
  • Construction Services
  • Council Acceptance Management
  • Customer Premises Build (Drop network build)
  • CPE | Home Drops installation
  • Auxiliary Services CCTV