What we do

Originally, Edge was established as a strategic delivery structure to operate in the very competitive FTTx space supported by local Telco Carriers.

Edge is focussed on establishing business relationships with key players in the market and based on the rapid evolution of fibre to home and business in the South African landscape, have reached agreement with various private sector players, to co-operate in the delivery of fibre in South Africa.

Some private sector players provide ancillary services and Edge, in those cases, also co-ordinate the various service partners as well as managing and delivering the civil infrastructure required to meet end-userrequirements.

Edge has also secured a role in the delivery of Smart Cities, Smart Precincts and Smart Homes where both the civil infrastructure as well as value added management services are provided to municipalities and local communities. Edge currently is engaged with various role players in the Western Cape, KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng and Free State being the key focus provinces at present. These envisaged public partnerships aredesigned to be innovative and will enable both a wider coverage for the communities being serviced by the municipalities as well as position the municipalities to increase service delivery to its stakeholders within these "Smart Cities or Precincts".

Quick turnaround time for delivery and using innovative solutions (such as smart partnerships with universities), enables Edge to be responsive and focused on the end customer. Edge interacts directly with the end customer in the sales process, manages the contracting arrangements, ensuring that regulatory requirements are in place and oversees the end product delivery, on time and on specification, to the end user.